In 1986 I began documenting the activity of my life in ink, within the small boxes of a hand-drawn calendar. For lack of a better name, I called these my Date Records. Being artistically minded, I created a logo for each subsequent year. In the late nineties when I bought my first laptop, I began using Adobe Pagemaker to continue my chronicle.

Now I use Adobe InDesign for the process; my logos have gotten to be more ambitious through the years. On this page are .pdf files that contain the early years of this process. One day I will publish them all, I'm sure. These are only markings, and most are self-explanatory, while in other cases I used symbols to represent certain things, making it at times cryptic. Sometimes I'll just look through them to see what I was doing on a particular day so many years ago.

As of right now I've only posted the first year, and you will notice that as the months progress, I get more detailed in what I chronicle. More years are on the way!

If you need Adobe Acrobat reader, download the free viewer here.