Body of Work


On the whole fiction is most rewarding because of the freedom is allots me to live vicariously through the lives of made-up people in made-up circumstances.   I’ve completed four novels and started three others that are still in the works.  Completed works include The Silver Coast (1999), Games We Played (1999), The Athens Parallel (2001) and Darwyn and Synthia (2005).  Of these books, Darwyn and Synthia is my most gruesome, while The Athens Parallel was my most enjoyable write. 

I began writing another book in 2006 called Who is Devon Mansworth, my magnum opus on how vampires plan to take over the world and plunge it into darkness, until a young woman begins uncovering the plot.  It’s word count is nearing a quarter of a million with no end in sight.

Using NLP and self-hypnosis I’ve been able to motivate myself in different ways, and writing fiction, non-fiction, playing music and diversifying my hobbies is natural.  The capacity of our minds is limitless and overwhelming, thus it is suffice to say I believe in using such a force to create in many different ways.  Much of my work will be available for download within the next several months.

Currently I'm featuring two of my favorite short stories. The first is Arizona Highway, a supernatural tale I wrote in the spring of 1999, and the other is called Road Rage, written in 2001, directly after I'd completed my third novel, The Athens Parallel.

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Arizona Highway

Road Rage!