Project Genesis was recently formed by Sam Smith and me as a personal development and coaching program designed to see quick, effective and lifelong changes.  Remember that all behavior is simply a strategy running automatic in the subconscious mind.  It can be changed, even if you feel enslaved by such negative habits like overeating, smoking, abusive behavior, low self-esteem, dating issues, financial blocks and so forth.

Or let’s say you want to begin a new field of knowledge, such as a new career, learn a new language, take up a sport, but you don’t have the confidence to do it.  Perhaps you’re already really good in a particular field, but you want to be better!  Maybe even in the top five percent in your field or even the best!  I’ve used such tools to learn the piano in a brief period of time, improve my health, take up a number of foreign languages and increase my net worth.

People inherently want to feel good now, and you don’t need drugs, alcohol, addictive and destructive habits to get there.  In most cases you don’t need mood-altering prescription drugs, either, since the brain itself is the greatest pharmacological device on the planet.  You only need to make a decision to do it!  If you have doubt, it’s understood and I encourage you to contact me now to schedule your free consultation where we can design a strategy for success, or what I’ve coined the Genesis Effect

Begin to find the person you were born to be now!  Be the Beacon in your own life!
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