Social Media Manager

The internet is a vast universe of entertainment and education; it is complex yet unorganized and without palpable structure.  This page is amongst the billions on a virtual net that has been growing for twenty years, and yet it does serve a purpose to target a particular reader.  Social Media, which falls under the heading of Web 2.0, is a way to structure vast content into a more manageable chunk, using social media portals to funnel information.   The funnels are targeted ads that monitor your likes; they are also presented by members of your network (or your friends).

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog sites are really the beginning of a larger forming picture, where the internet is coming to you.  I actually see virtual reality assistants who search out and efficiently organize and present materials to you per your request.  Google is only one mode of search engine among many.  Its algorithms are the most effective for now, but change is inevitable.

If you have a business, whether brick and mortar or simply online, using social media can save you time and be effective in finding clients and customers.  It can be tedious, though, especially if you’re actively running your business.  Stopping to tweet or update your status on Facebook; writing an informative blog, it all takes time.  Using my skills as a writer and designer, I can help you to manage much of it to increase your business.

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